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Choosing a TV plan shouldn’t be a hustle. But with all the confusing options that are offered today, it certainly becomes one. There are so many forms of the TV packages to choose from: cable, streaming, satellite.

Choosing a TV plan shouldn’t be a hustle. But with all the confusing options that are offered today, it certainly becomes one. There are so many forms of the TV packages to choose from: cable, streaming, satellite.

Yes, satellite TV is not a thing of the past, but very much a modern occurrence. In fact, it may be the best solution for your watching needs, as you may have only one cable company available in your area and streaming depends on the quality of your internet.

The leader of the satellite TV is Dish Network, based in Meridian, Colorado. The original idea came to the founder Charlie Ergen back in 1980 when he worked as a satellite television equipment distributor under the flag of EchoStar. Few months after the successful launch of its first satellite, EchoStar I, on March 4, 1965, he started using Dish Network as its main consumer brand. Later two companies went their separate ways; however, EchoStar remains the primary technology partner to Dish Network with its fleet of nine satellites.

Few years after the separation, in 2011, Dish invested a lot of money into bankrupted companies like Blockbuster, Inc, DBSD and Terrestar . They have also made an attempt to bid on Hulu and Sprint Nextel, but those deals fell through. The company feels the pressure of emerging TV alternatives like Netflix and cable companies. Dish is trying to equip themselves with assets that will come handy in this battle for clients. They are already putting Blockbuster acquisition to work by making available Dish Movie Pack for Dish Network subscribers and Sling TV for non-Dish Network subscribers. Blockbuster also has agreements that allow it to receive movies 28 days before Netflix and Redbox which could encourage customers to use these services.

Services and equipment.

  1. Dish's main service is satellite television. To make it easily customizable, viewers are welcome to select from a line of service bundles (more channels = higher cost). The company is currently working on diversifying its offerings to suit even more consumers. Dish Network offers different types of satellite receiving equipment for obtaining signals from its diverse satellite fleet.
  1. DishNET - satellite broadband service designed for rural areas.
  1. Sling TV - is an American over-the-top internet television service by Dish. It is a go-to solution for those who are looking for alternatives to standard TV options (read “cable”). It offers a selection of major cable channels and OTT-originated services available for streaming through smart TVs, digital media players and apps.
  1. With its purchase of Blockbuster LLC, Dish is able to offer streaming and mail-order video services.
  1. Hopper is a line of digital video recording (DVR) set-top box. Guaranteeing "Primetime Anytime", the Hopper automatically records primetime programming off of the four major U.S. television networks. With the help of " AutoHop " software, which allows commercials to automatically be removed from these recordings, you receive your favorite shows and programs with no interruptions. Everything you can dream about.  The updated version is called Hopper with Sling, which integrates Slingbox place-shifting technology directly into the box.
  1. Dish Anywhere is Dish's subscriber-only streaming video service, which includes HBO and Cinemax programming.


The company is always trying to be ahead. Sometimes it advances so much , that there are no clear regulations for their actions. For instance, their commercial-removing service “ AutoHop ” received negative comments. How would you get revenue without paid advertising? The argument was that Hopper is legal and that AutoHop entices people to watch more television, thereby expanding television's market. As a result, the company was removed from the competition at the Consumer Electronics Show because of unresolved allegations.

Dish also received some negative publicity for poor work of their outsourced call centers, hidden fees and shipping charges, as well as some other cases.

Dish Cares.

Dish understands that things can happen. They are really on point to keep their head in the game and its name clean. Since 2005 their program Dish Cares utilized technology and talented workforce to make a positive impact in their respective communities. They are providing continuous support to the areas stroke by natural disasters, like Florida, Puerto Rico and Texas. Communication is the key when fast action is required. Dish is determined to provide satellite internet and TV to the affected areas for both immediate and long-term needs. Another way to give back is an event called “night of poker and philanthropy”. Employees were able to raise $20,000 to support STEM programs at 15 clubs in the Metro Denver area.

In the company they care not only for the community but also for the people who make it all happen – D ish employees. Within the company , t hey strive to provide safe, healthy, and productive workplace for anyone. There are also training and development opportunities provide d to ensure all of the employees reach their full potential. On top of that, the company is focusing on reducing food, energy and sourcing material waste as well as protect the environment in all aspects. With their company culture , they promote integrity and environment al protection. Not every company can say they do the same, yet now is a very important time to do business with cautions and understanding of the circumstances.

By constantly developing and reimagining itself , Dish consistently introduces products of increasing value for its clients. That means that Dish product becomes more and more useful without increasing the costs. By doing that, the company also raises the bar for the industry altogether and encourage s the competitors to offer the best value. Till date, the company stands by the philosophy of its founder, that no matter what, Dish will always offer customers the lowest every day pricing nationwide.